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Mykora Oy is a modern food company that is the leading producer of white champignon mushrooms in Finland and the Nordic countries, and is internationalising rapidly. Mykora also produces brown champignon mushrooms, portobello mushrooms and organic shiitake mushrooms as well as supplying raw materials for further processing.

High quality is of paramount importance on both domestic markets and in the countries Mykora exports to. The appropriate species, a modern production facility and modern production methods are the basis for efficient cultivation.

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Honkatarhat Oy, Kyröntarhat Oy and Hevi-Kolmio Oy together make up the VihreäKeiju brand. 

VihreäKeiju, which is one of Finland’s leading food brands, started quality production mid-way through the 1980s. Expansion of production and continual product development in tune with the markets has shaped the extent of today’s brand.

VihreäKeiju products are cultivated all year round according to a high level quality system. Thanks to their natural purity, all VihreäKeiju vegetables can be eaten raw as they are, in various fresh salads or as seasoning when preparing dishes.

Contact: Tel. +358283877141